Nodds &Nends: Amazing Star Wars Mural, X-Files, and a Day in the Life of the Earth

You probably caught this already as it stormed across the internet, but a woman painted a very cool Star Wars mural in her daughter’s room and it is the best thing ever. Plus, if you go into her exorcisingemily deviantart site you can see more fabulous murals she’s painted, you might even catch a glimpse of the Doctor. I follow her on twitter now and she is funny and amazing. [via The Mary Sue]


The X-Files has hit the small screen again this week and my husband and I are trying to get through the last few from the 90s so we can catch up with the rest of the world. In the mean time we are indulging in videos like the one below which lists the top ten episodes of the series. I have to say, they actually picked some good ones to reminisce about. [via WatchMojo]

The below video is short, but stunning. A day in the life of the earth in seconds. I love it! [via io9 and Glittering Blue]

Doctor Who Season 8 aka Why Moffat is a Mad Genius and Why I Hate Him

Whenever I start a new show I like to watch at least 3 episodes before making any decision on whether or not I like it. With a new person as the Doctor, I thought I would give Peter Capaldi the benefit of at least 3 episodes before making a decision on whether or not I enjoyed him as the Doctor and whether or not I thought the new season was any good. I don’t plan on doing episode reviews of Doctor Who this season, but I have been joining in the discussions over at Those Who Geek. You can start with Season 8, Episode 1 (Deep Breath), and join the conversation there if you want! As of last night I am caught up on season 8 and here are my general thoughts after watching 6 episodes. *MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

Peter-Capaldi-Peter-CapaldiPeter Capaldi as the Doctor: I was really really hoping to just fall in love with Capaldi’s version of the Doctor, but I cannot. He always looks angry, he is almost always angry, confused, or in denial, and he’s mean much of the time. Every episode jokes about his angry eyebrows, but all I can think is ‘THAT IS WHAT THREADING IS FOR!’ He’s dismissive of Clara’s well being at times, but needs her to function. His relationship with Clara is extremely unhealthy for her in a similar but not exactly Martha/Doctor relationship way. I’m just not impressed at all. I think Capaldi is a great actor and perhaps we are all supposed to hate him just a little, but every time he is on the screen playing his angry version of the Doctor I want to make angry age appropriate (for me) finger gestures at the television. I’ll be the first to admit my absolute admiration and adoration for Matt Smith may be clouding my judgement at bit, so sure, I’m biased, but I have tried very hard to be open to his interpretation of the Doctor and where Moffat is taking him this season. But I’m not liking it one bit. Now, I’ll also freely admit that this may all be Moffat’s fault, but the Doctor has lost a huge portion of his charm in this version of him, and I can only hope as he grows as a new person he will gain some of it back.

jenna colemanJenna Coleman as Clara Oswald: I’m absolutely in love with Clara Oswald. Jenna Coleman has really begun to shine in the latest season of Doctor Who. She was fine opposite Matt, but in season 8, she keeps blowing my mind with each new episode. I have the hugest girl crush on her. She is gorgeous, smart, clever, and however awkwardly expresses genuine emotions other than anger. I may be a bit hateful where Moffat is taking the Doctor’s character, but his development of Clara Oswald’s character is brilliant. Which is the hard thing about Moffat shows, there is usually one part that I absolute am in love with and another part that I hate. Usually it’s the camp, the really nonscary Daleks, but having it be the Doctor this season is stirring up so many emotions, it’s a bit hard to handle. Clara is my saving grace and the sole reason I continue to watch Doctor Who this season. I could care less if the Doctor appears, I just want to learn more about her and see more of her life. Jenna Coleman shines in her role and I keep hoping Clara realizes she needs to do what is best for her and not necessarily for the Doctor. I slightly hesitant to declare it, but she has become my favorite companion, even out shining Donna to me, and that is saying something.

danny pinkSamuel Anderson as Danny Pink: OMG what a beautiful man. I love his eyes! His eyes are amazing! Pink’s initial awkwardness around Clara is adorable, and as his character comes into his own through the first of the season, the transformation is just wonderful. Anderson is a great actor and quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. I love finding out more and more about his past and future as the season progresses and I’m far more interested in what he and Clara mean to each other than I am whether or not the Doctor is clever enough to figure out if there are people in the shadows. His confrontation to Clara of who he sees the Doctor as was amazing, and I had to agree wholeheartedly. Which makes me mad at Moffat, I just know that man is playing with my emotions- on purpose!!! Ugh. But if it means more Danny Pink… than I’m all in. Oh so pretty. Such pretty people this season!!!

Michelle Gomez as Missy (The Doctor’s Girlfriend?): We know so little about her, Doctor Who Series 8but I find that one of the most intriguing things about this season. We see little snippets of her, she seems to be in charge of some version of the afterlife, or an alternate dimension she is pretending is the afterlife. She seems knows so much and yet reveals very little. She claims to be the Doctor’s girlfriend, yet is too busy to greet some of the people that make their way to her dimension after a bout as episodic companions of the Doctor. Who is she really? What is her true connection with the Doctor? So many questions and yet another draw to this season.

The story telling in season 8 has been a big draw, little pieces of a larger puzzle are falling into place and I’m anxious to find out what it all means. Even if Capaldi’s Doctor is a tad callous for my taste, I respect his acting chomps. I look forward to every scene that has Clara or Pink in it and I eagerly anticipate every new episode. Even knowing that the episode is probably going to elicit explosive comments not to be repeated in front of polite company.

Starry Night and Oswin Theories

Doctor Who has started up again, so hopefully we all wont be in suspense much longer as to Oswin’s origins. Oh, who am I kidding, this is Moffat, we’ll be in suspense for years. But until any of them are confirmed, it is always fun to read other people’s theories even when I get lost after point 3.

Starry Night and the TARDIS. Minimalistic and pretty. I like it.

The Doctor has a Facebook page, this changes everything. 🙂

So I discovered this giveaway thingy for bras at True & Co because I watch Vaginal Fantasy and follow Veronica on twitter and all you have to do is tweet out a comment about your ideal bra. Not only did they reply but now I’m trying to figure out if I can make one.

Doctor Who Bra Tweet

Costumes on Doctor Who, because the Doctor is getting more dapper. 🙂 [via TARDIS News]

Sew Yourself a Doctor, Ask Austen for a TARDIS, and Follow Bonnie Burton Around the Internets

Illustration of Pride and Prejudice and a TARDIS. “Seeking haven from Mister Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet chances upon a strange blue box.” Austen FTW. A print is only $17.00. [via Pinterest]

You can buy an awesome TARDIS Scarf for $30. This looks like the one I’ve been knitting at for over a year. Now that I have one from my best friend, maybe I should do something with the one I just finished. . . hmmm. [via The Mary Sue]

Or you can sew yourself a Doctor rag doll. Which is cute, but does need some adjustments to make it look better. Check it out on Three Dresses.

Perhaps all this crafting geekery has inspired you to create a TARDIS cardigan like this one? Awesome. The pattern was made up as the knitter went along, so I’ve no pattern to post for you all. Boo.

Check out these cool TARDIS coasters which I saw while watching Bonnie on Vaginal Fantasy and went online and stalked around until I found them. I love that show, it’s on YouTube and led by Felicia Day. These coasters can be found on ThinkGeek. Honestly Bonnie is the coolest, you should check her out on Pinterest and Twitter. (This is where being a fangirl and being a stalker seem like the same thing, but they aren’t. Because. Well, because.) She always has a lot of cool geeky things which seem to revolve around Doctor Who and Benedict Cumberbatch. I like seeing all her cool stuff sitting on her couch while she participates in Vaginal Fantasy.

TARDIS Coasters on ThinkGeek

TARDIS Coasters on ThinkGeek

Doctor Whooveness

Doctor Who Day

A mash-up of Doctor Who and Disney, with Belle entering the TARDIS for adventure times. I wish I was Belle, and I wish I was entering the TARDIS. I’m jealous of a Disney character in a mash-up. That is all.

Amy and the Doctor done a la van Gogh.  [via]

Check out this scarf where you can see a TARDIS only from certain angles. It is the disappearing Blue Box pattern. [via]

Somehow I just found out that there are actual “episodes” of Doctor Whooves on YouTube. I didn’t watch all of this, I’ll be honest. The writing is a little boring. One thing we’ve learned in improv is to not narrate what we are doing. That is boring. Relationships are what are exciting. This episode spends over 2 minutes talking about what the characters look like and are doing …..

Doctor Who Day: Augmented Reality, Whoooo Owls, and Rory Broke the Angels

Check out this flickr account of movie and television scenes done in Lego, including a great one of Amy and the Doctor. [via The Mary Sue]

These Doctor Who Owls are quite cute and available for purchase at Etsy. At $80 they are a tad expensive, but super cute, and looking at them on the Internet is free…. well, I guess the Internet connection isn’t free. But you know what I mean.

How awesome is this Doctor Who cake? It looks a little Halloween in coloring, but is still quite fun. Because Bow-ties are cool after all.

Rory broke the Weeping Angels, because he’s bad ass like that.

Augmented reality in a TARDIS. [via RIASS]

The Doctor Puppet saves Christmas. Awww, HOW CUTE!!!! (Yes, that was my girly squeal coming out. I won’t apologize for it). [via The Mary Sue]

The Doctor and a Dress

Here is a wonderful illustration of The Doctor (Tennant) on top of his enemies, literally. It’s a little spoilery, but not really because it’s Tennant.  [via]

Found yet another interpretation of the TARDIS in dress form. I really like the poofyness of the skirt portion, it looks fun. Plus I love the one shoulder covered look. It’s a cute, yet sexy dress. Speaking of TARDIS dresses, I was working out the other day and flipping through a magazine when I came across Jennifer Lopez wearing a sapphire blue dress, is it just me or could this be a TARDIS dress? With some body paint across her chest that read Police Public Call Box, I think it could be. But I see TARDISes everywhere. So, it could just be me.

The Christmas Special is just around the corner, and The Doctor is looking broody. I’m excited!! 😀

A photoshopped cyberman looks like Iron Man. Someone needs to cosplay this!

Polls close today to vote on your favorite Doctor Who t-shirts that will be sold by the BBC America shop. So, go get your vote on.

Doctor Who Day- Don’t Blink

I love this webcomic Head Trip mashing up different Doctor Who villains into a mixture of awesomeness. Or how about this one about a Dalek doing robocalls. Honestly, you guys need to start following HeadTrip its a geeky person’s dream webcomic. 🙂 She doesn’t always update consistently, but put her on your RSS feed and when her comics show up, it will make your day. It always makes mine!

This TARDIS dress looks like something I would rather sleep in, and as for a night gown it is a little pricey at almost $30. But it is still super cool and I wouldn’t say no to a free TARDIS nightdress. 🙂 But I’m not really sure what else I would expect from a dress that is only be sold at Hot Topic. I guess with Halloween right around the corner it’s an easy and fairly cheap costume, especially if you could find a fez. [via the Mary Sue]

And if you are walking around Boystown on Halloween looking to get into one of the fun bars, realize you will have to stand in probably the rain for a bit or two, can I recommend using this TARDIS messenger bag, big enough to hold your costume touch-up costume kit? Super cool purses/bags and now I really want one! [via RIASS]

I stumbled across this awesome cartoonish illustration of the 10th Doctor and the 11th Doctor having snack time. It is super adorable.

And now the best for last. This video is about a deleted scene from the latest episode of Doctor Who. So, if you have not seen the latest episode, DO NOT WATCH THIS. It is extremely spoilery. AGAIN, SPOILERS!!! But for those of you who have, this is awesome, and sorta explains a few more things, and sorta makes things more complicated. Either way I loved it! [via The Bloggess]

Doctor Who Delights

An illustration of River Song as a timehead. It really makes more sense if you just click on over.

My notes for this read: doctor who tattoo on a hot lady. I’m not going to lie, I was right the first time around.  This is one hot lady with some awesome Doctor Who tattoos. Check it out.

DeviantArtist key-o has some great nerdy and geeky art up on his page. Including steampunk werewolves and this Tennant illustration.

The Doctor by

And Stephanie sent me a link to this amazing Doctor Who Book Light Pen that will leaving you wanting a TARDIS floating above your reading material. I sent this out to twitter right away, because I couldn’t hold its wonderfulness back from the world.

Salt and pepper shakers in the form of a TARDIS and Dalek. What could be cooler than that I ask yah? Order them here. [via The Mary Sue]

PabutteGo, another DeviantArtist, has painted an amazing portrait of the 11th Doctor. Gorgeous.

Doctor Who Christmas special trailer:

Television Review: Doctor Who Season Seven

Just a forewarning if this is your first time to my blog, but I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and therefore, my review is going to be fairly biased. I’m not overly critical of things that I love for the sake of loving them as they are in context. For example, I quite enjoy Xena: Warrior Princess even though I’m aware of the campy issues and historical inaccuracies. To me Doctor Who will always be fantastic, and I will enjoy every single episode for some reason or another, even if that particular episode isn’t the greatest piece of television history. I have hereby disclaimed my biases and if you want to point them out to me later, such wording will be redundant as to possibly receive a return comment of “Pshaw.” You are hereby notified.

Asylum of the Daleks

A lot happens in the season opening of Doctor Who, in such a grand and epic way that it felt more like watching a television special or movie. Of course it is very special television to me. ::happyface:: The show opens with each of the three main characters discovering the Daleks have made human hybrids whereby a normal looking human suddenly has a Dalek eye stalk thing coming out of his or her forehead. Rory and Amy have just signed divorce papers when this happens to them and they are transported to a spaceship where the Doctor also arrives after having been caught in a trap, on purpose, by a woman who was weeping about her daughter’s disappearance. Below the Dalek spaceship is a floating Dalek Asylum where the worst of the Daleks are kept and the Dalek Prime Minister wants the Doctor to release the force field, but if he does other space travelers will blow it up. Then the Dalek computer system is hacked by Oswin (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman) a scientific and technology genius. She crashed onto the asylum planet a year earlier and has been holed up unable to escape making horrible looking souffles to pass the time, and she asks the Doctor for help. Whereupon many adventures begin and you can read a more detailed review here, but I’m keeping this spoiler free.

I loved the feel of this episode. The Doctor is very clever and witty and I feel I need to go back and rewatch this episode to really catch everything now that I know the ending. Which took me very much by surprise even though in retrospect it should not have. I wasn’t too happy with the Rory and Amy are getting divorced, and lo, the Doctor fixes everything. Because come on, that isn’t even a spoiler, we all knew that would happen the minute the got in the same gravitational pull as the Doctor. Honestly, if I had not watched the minisodes I would have been even more annoyed because it would have come out of no where and gone no where. It seemed an added bit of emotional tugging that was unnecessary. I really enjoyed Jenna-Louise Coleman’s part, she played it all very perfectly. It was a brilliant piece of writing that made everyone love the actor, and with her set as the new companion next year and also set to hate her, this was no small feat. The question of course is whether or not she plays the same character as a companion, and I think there is room for argument on both sides and we’ll just have to wait and see. (I don’t expect comments to be spoiler free, but please indicate if you are going into detail about spoilery events regarding this episode). All in all a very satisfactory and epic beginning to the season.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

The show opens with Queen Nefertiti trying to get her mac on with the Doctor and it only gets crazier and funnier as the show progresses. The Doctor recruits a gang on this next mission, because he’s never had a posse before. And they are cool now of course. Other than Queen Nefertiti he also enlists the help of a big-game hunter John Riddell (played by Rupert Graves from Sherlock), Rory and Amy, and incidentally Rory’s father who happens to be in their home when the Doctor swoops in and sweeps them off their feet and the ladder Rory’s dad is standing on to change a light bulb. As both Amy and Rory and holding the ladder there is definitely a joke in there somewhere about how many Ponds does it take to change a light bulb, but I’m just not that clever. Rory’s dad’s, Brian, played by Mark Williams (of Harry Potter fame), was a great character to add to the mix and I really loved his little bits.  The Doctor requires a gang because the ISA (Indian Space Agency) is concerned about an object hurtling towards earth (in our very distant future) and they want to blow it to pieces. Of course the Doctor wants to explore it before and make sure nobody would get hurt if they did send missiles to destroy it, so he takes off with his gang with only six hours to figure out what is what. The gang gets separated because someone else is controlling the ship and teleporting people around.

As mentioned before I’m a huge fan of campy shows and so I quite enjoyed this little romp from The Doctor and his friends. The ticking tock ploy has gotten a little over used on Doctor Who, but unfortunately it is still quite effective and I know it will be used in future episodes, so I try not to get overly annoyed by it as a ploy. I liked all the teleporting around and had things figured out quite before The Doctor did in fact, or maybe at the same time, that dude is quite clever. I’d liked to believe that in the future earthlings are more prone to exploration and excitement for new things than just destroying something because it is new and unreachable via normal communications, but I also believe people are basically evil and selfish and I want to punch people all the time as I try to walk around Chicago and get tussled about by the stupids. So my warring beliefs make accepting that people will still want to blow up anything they doing understand in the future easy enough. You can read a longer (with spoilers) review here.

A Town Called Mercy

It is just Rory and Amy this time who aid the Doctor as he embarks on a new adventure this time in a Stetson in a town that has electricity a decade ahead of its time. A bounty hunter is killing off specific people and his next one called The Doctor. The bounty hunter is stalking a town waiting for the alien doctor to step across the boundary lines so he can kill the doctor. Our Doctor becomes the sheriff in a mean twist of fate and sets about figuring out what really happened, and who was in the right or the wrong and who showed be showed mercy. Much is made about redemption and right past wrongs and the episode is definitely heavier than its predecessor. The Doctor contemplates what it means to be imprisoned by the weight of past souls that he was unable to help or indirectly harmed. Will the Doctor be too empathetic to make a wise decision?

This episode seemed more classic Doctor Who to me than the previous one. The Doctor arrives with his companions  teaches a lesson, learns a lesson, and leaves with everything pretty OK, but not perfect. I was pleased to see Ben Browder on screen again, I’ve seen him pop up in different geeky shows over the last couple of years, and as I sorely wish Farscape was still around I’m happy to see him again. Maybe I need to rewatch that show! Amy and Rory seem to have outgrown the Doctor and I think the writers are doing this on purpose to show that the Ponds leaving the show/Doctor adventures behind is a good thing for them. Plus, new companions can be exciting! I say lets learn from the Doctors inevitable curiosity and just be happy to see great story lines played out in the future. Read a longer and spoilery review here.

This was the episode I decided to do my Doctor Who workout, which seemed like a brilliant plan at the time. I discovered, however, that it was a very uneven evening of exercise with some of the commands committed several times and some none at all. In fact I had to reduce the number on several of the items just to get through the episode. In the end I looked over what I had done and filled in on some of the items I missed out on because I felt it wasn’t the most thorough of movements. But it was a fun idea even if it did make watching the show a tad hard. I think I’d rather saving exercise time for a time I’m not trying to watch Doctor Who.