Monsters Inc. Mash-ups

I was trying to find a mash-up of the X-Files and Monsters Inc. and ran across these gems.

Monsters Inc. and Toy Story

monsters and toy story

James Hance’s Monsters Inc. and Pacific Rim Mash-up

Monster’s Inc. and Wolverine

monsters and wolverine


Monsters Inc. and My Little Pony

monsters and mlp


Monsters Inc. and Hellboy

monsters inc and hellboy


Monsters Inc. and Doctor Who= Monster Who



Buzz Lightyear Mash-ups and Cosplay

Stormtrooper Buzz Lightyear. Coolest thing ever. What a great concept and execution. [via]

Here’s another Star Wars mash-up, this time Boba Fett and Buzz Lightyear. You can get it on a t-shirt. how cool is that?

Buzz Lightyear dressed up as Iron Man. OMG, I love this. 😀

It is always exciting when cosplayer’s take a character to the next level, like this Mrs. Nesbitt version of Buzz Lightyear.

Or like this guy or make a steampunk version of Buzz.

A Brave New Hair

The trailer for Pixar’s Brave popped up on the internets this week. And I LOVE HER HAIR!!! It is awesome. I understand curly hair isn’t the easiest to control, but I love her hair, I love the color, I love the curls. The story line looks quite good also. 😀 Thanks for the tip JohnMichael S. [via The Mary Sue]

Speaking of Pixar, check out this Toy Story short, Small Fry, starring Happy Meal toys. [via io9]

Whatever Happened to Sid

Ever wonder what happened to the toy mangler kid Sid from Toy Story? Nope, me either. But I still found this priceless. [via Super Punch]

Disney Princesses Again!

Photo Shopped Disney Princesses. My favorites are Pocahontas and Mulan. Check out the artist’s blog here. [via ]

Also, check out this cool tumblr which posts pictures of Disney characters who’ve swapped faces. Hercules is hilarious and Toy Story just a little creepy. [via]

Toy Story Sweets

Check out these rows and rows of pastries shaped like Toy Story characters. Sweet! (Sorry, couldn’t help it). [via The Mary Sue]

Ana Fuji, the sweets artist, has also created cupcake Smurfs! I feel like Cookie Monster, “MMMM Smurffss.”

By Nevit Dilmen (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Food Funness

I love to bake, wish I had time to do more. My plan is to bake a pie on Saturday with my grandmother’s secret crust recipe. Well, it is not so secret because I tell everyone the recipe. The secret is in the handling of the crust, which I think has to be a passed down genetic trait because no one makes pie crust like my grandmother and I do. Here are some fun geeky/food mash-ups. Yum!

Star Wars Stormtrooper Latte  and Toy Story Cupcakes!

Terrifying Toy Story

Action figures with some darkness. I love when someone takes something light and fun and makes it dark and terrifying. Check out his website here.[via io9]

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Toy Story Lights Up

A Tron-like Buzz Lightyear. To Infinity and Beyond- this is way cool. I found this while searching for True Blood mash-ups in light of the fact that the fourth season started yesterday. But this was way cooler than any True Blood mash-up I found (shockingly few to choose from in fact).  [via this blog]


Toy Story Sharp Shooters

A friend recommended a new webcomic to me, there are some quite brilliant pages, some rather bloody ones, and some of them I just did not get. It’s a definite NSFW website and involves controversial topics, but these three were just golden: here, here and  here.


And I found this awesome blog about the terrors of Toy Story, made me laugh and murmur in sympathy. Maybe you will too.