Single Awareness Day

Happy Single Awareness Day everyone. The only thing cool about today is that I get to send my nieces little cards that make them fee special and I’ve a review of Looper appearing later. You can thank me later.

This is pretty much what I think about the world’s most Hallmark-ed holiday.

My most notable exceptions to the humdrum of this holiday are rather nefarious. My brother signed me up for some radio show thing where I was supposed to get auctioned off for a date. I’m not sure what happened, they filled the forms out wrong or the person never followed through, but after berating my brother for several minutes and then nothing else happened I sighed in relief and proceeded to ignore him. Last year I gave my then boyfriend a Valentine I made by hand which I thought was both humorous and cute, the Valentine, not me making it by hand. He replied, “You know I don’t do this kind of stuff, right?”

I looked at him for a minute and then said, “I don’t give Valentines to get them.”

But, it all kind of soured me on the whole having a boyfriend on Valentines Day thing. Now I just make some cute Valentines Day cards and send them off to my nieces whom I’m sure will enjoy them to pieces. I just need to find some stamps around here. . .

Nodds & Nends: Geeky Valentines, King Leonidas, and Hunger Games Trailer

Have a Geeky Valentines Day. Buy one of these funny geeky Valentines cards for the Geek or Nerd in your life. Check them all out on The Mary Sue.

Watch King Leonidas and Master Chief rap in a war of the words. Only slightly entertaining, not deserving of its own post. But I’m not a big rap fan, and mostly I’m not a big fan of the extras going on in this video. Its a little messy.

A new trailer for The Hunger Games came out. I can’t wait to see this! I may have to be crazy and go to a midnight showing. The trailer isn’t up on YouTube as of this evening. But you can watch it here. Click on it and play it, it says it’s been removed. But it hasn’t. Confusing I know. Still, it gave me chills.

Edit: There is now an official YouTube video.

The Koman foundation has decided to keep funds away from all the poor people needing breast exams. OK. Not *all* the poor people. But they have decided to no longer give donations to Planned Parenthood for breast screening, because of politics. One Sci/Fi writer, John Scalzi, decided this was unfair and he is sending all his eBook sales (with Subterranean Press) through February 8th to Planned Parenthood. As of this morning at 11 a.m. he and Subterranean Press have raised $1681.79. Mr. Scalizi, I think you deserve an award. here is  your Geek Cred Gold Star!