Doctor Who Day: Augmented Reality, Whoooo Owls, and Rory Broke the Angels

Check out this flickr account of movie and television scenes done in Lego, including a great one of Amy and the Doctor. [via The Mary Sue]

These Doctor Who Owls are quite cute and available for purchase at Etsy. At $80 they are a tad expensive, but super cute, and looking at them on the Internet is free…. well, I guess the Internet connection isn’t free. But you know what I mean.

How awesome is this Doctor Who cake? It looks a little Halloween in coloring, but is still quite fun. Because Bow-ties are cool after all.

Rory broke the Weeping Angels, because he’s bad ass like that.

Augmented reality in a TARDIS. [via RIASS]

The Doctor Puppet saves Christmas. Awww, HOW CUTE!!!! (Yes, that was my girly squeal coming out. I won’t apologize for it). [via The Mary Sue]

Doctor Who Day- Don’t Blink

I love this webcomic Head Trip mashing up different Doctor Who villains into a mixture of awesomeness. Or how about this one about a Dalek doing robocalls. Honestly, you guys need to start following HeadTrip its a geeky person’s dream webcomic. 🙂 She doesn’t always update consistently, but put her on your RSS feed and when her comics show up, it will make your day. It always makes mine!

This TARDIS dress looks like something I would rather sleep in, and as for a night gown it is a little pricey at almost $30. But it is still super cool and I wouldn’t say no to a free TARDIS nightdress. 🙂 But I’m not really sure what else I would expect from a dress that is only be sold at Hot Topic. I guess with Halloween right around the corner it’s an easy and fairly cheap costume, especially if you could find a fez. [via the Mary Sue]

And if you are walking around Boystown on Halloween looking to get into one of the fun bars, realize you will have to stand in probably the rain for a bit or two, can I recommend using this TARDIS messenger bag, big enough to hold your costume touch-up costume kit? Super cool purses/bags and now I really want one! [via RIASS]

I stumbled across this awesome cartoonish illustration of the 10th Doctor and the 11th Doctor having snack time. It is super adorable.

And now the best for last. This video is about a deleted scene from the latest episode of Doctor Who. So, if you have not seen the latest episode, DO NOT WATCH THIS. It is extremely spoilery. AGAIN, SPOILERS!!! But for those of you who have, this is awesome, and sorta explains a few more things, and sorta makes things more complicated. Either way I loved it! [via The Bloggess]

Doctor Who Companions, Campfires, and Cooking

Just a quick reminder that I appreciate open and honest discussion from a place of respect. I have no problem delete comments I find particularly offensive to the general population or resort to name calling. Let’s keep this little corner of the blogosphere a safe and happy place to come to every day, the rest of the world may crap on us (and generally it does), but here is my haven and I mean to keep it that way, for myself and for you guys. 🙂

Read The Mary Sue’s interesting piece on how the Doctor changes with each companion and what that means for the story. I know a lot of people have trouble when a new actor takes over the part of The Doctor or a new companion is introduced, but that is the show- and life really, constantly changing. I find embracing the change with Doctor-like glee and wonderment particularly more effective way of dealing with the constant change in the Doctor Who line up. But I’m a Sagittarius, so I get bored easily.

Quick question, why are the weeping angels attacking the pretty people in Vampire Diaries? Leave the pretty people alone!

Somewhere in Brooklyn is a mural with the promo scene from this season of Doctor Who. My mother has said that if she comes across the wall she’ll take an updated picture and I can run it on the blog. I hope she finds it, because that would be awesome. 😀

A teaser trailer for this week’s episode. The Doctor and Sherlock’s LeStrade sit in front of a campfire. Still, it made me smile. Great way to start the day, with The Doctor. 🙂 [via io9]

I don’t know how I haven’t heard about, or seen these TARDIS string lights. The packaging looks familiar, but I don’t think I’ve seen them strung around a room before. Now I want a Doctor Who themed party with these lights, where we eat a dessert version of Fish Stick Cookies with Custard that I made while wearing this awesome 11th Doctor-Styled apron, after which we play Yahtzee Doctor Who style.

This needs to happen, and then I can die happy.


Weeping Angels are Scary, Matt Smith Agrees

But he is totally gonna kick their butts. Watch this super sweet Q & A session with Karen, Arthur, and Matt where one little girls asks if Matt is afraid of the Weeping Angels. SOOOO CUTE!! (Her questions is at 6:34)

Doctor Who Chess Set

I’m not a big fan of chess, I prefer card games, because I can win at card games. And don’t ever ask me to play Monopoly, I have never in my entire history of existence won Monopoly. But ask me to play Dutch Blitz (and now my Mennonite is showing), and I will beat your pants off. I told this to some college roommates and one of them was like I’ve been playing since I was twelve, so. . . I told her, I’ve been playing since I was seven. And then I beat her, severely.

They never asked me to play again. Even though I always help the person on my right get their cards out too. (Ok, yes, so technically that is to my advantage, still.)

Anyway,  this chess set is uber cool. [via]

Giggles and The Doctor

This made my day. An Angel and the Silence have a stare off. via]

I must agree with this next message. 😀  Especially since it made me giggle. I dream of the Doctor. [via]

Minimalist Posters

I love the minimalist take on nerdy subjects. I especially love these Doctor Who posters, they are just totally awesome!!! Check them out at McGuffin and Puffin.

Fashionably Who

Check out these cool Doctor Who shirts. [via Fashionably Geek]

Those are cute yes, but this picture of a young Eleventh Doctor, is even cuter! [via Fashionably Geek]

Doctor Who-little and More

This awesome picture of a little Doctor Who and Karen Gillan showed up on the internet this week. Can I get a collective awwww?!


Watch seven seconds of Doctor Who Season 6, Part 2, set to arrive in September. Ugh too far away!!

And check out sonic screwdriver models and Doctor Who toys here.