Keep Your Shirt On

I found a few interesting articles last week about functional female clothing when fighting. Basically, keep your shirt on. Unless you are Jason Statham. ‘Cause damn. Every time he gets ready to fight in a scene I yell at the TV, “Take your shirt off!” And you know? He mostly obliges. In all seriousness, while Jason Statham chooses to take his ripped to shreds shirt off his ripped abs and actually uses said shirt in a fight, Wonder Woman’s costume seems it would do her more harm than good if she were to get in a drag out dirty fight with a villain that didn’t mind a pair of boobs appearing. Check out Aaron Diaz’s (Dresden Codak) illustration of why Wonder Woman’s costume is problematic in a fight. Also read this great article on functional female armor, from someone who makes female armor. [via PinIt]

"I confuse you! With my shirt... and my abs!"

Justice League Fashion Week

So, I love the art work of the artist who draws Dresden Codak. He has a tumblr page here. Recently he has rebooted the clothing line of the Justice League and it is awesome. I love the thought he has given to each character’s outfit, such as Wonder Woman, there is a lot of thought into the design instead of asking how skimpy can we go. A line of thought that has permeated the industry for a while now.

Wonder Woman Caught with her Pants Down (or rather Gone)

How Wonder Woman should be not be more nakeds just because that is how over hormone-d  men have drawn her for decades or whether all things should be equal and the guys should loose theirs. Either solution works for me, but the inequality is gyrating- I mean grating.  Now, I have no power with people owning their sexuality and it is definitely a part of the human existence, but as the main form of power that a woman has, give me a break. We are more than boobs, bodies, and sex objects. Can we stop debating this already and do something about it? Like give women pants and power at the same time? ::rollseyes::  Until we can be seen as more then sex objects, I think that female comic characters should get some non sexy clothes or the men should become more eye candy so that everyone can feel like a piece of shi- I mean meat, and not just us women. [via Fashionably Geek and The Mary Sue]


Wednesday Wonder

Wonder Woman will not be picked up by NBC. I think I briefly mentioned this earlier in the week. Want to know why? Check out here and here. Personally, I think they may have picked up on the fact that the nerds were not behind it. Though, when are the nerds ever behind something at first? Never, they usually only get behind shows when they are about to be canceled. But now we don’t have to watch that poor woman try to keep her boobs in place as she runs in the most un-supportive top since Baywatch. [image via my disguises]

As consolation to those who are shocked or disappointed, here is a Wonder Woman Cosplayer.

cc Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup via Wikimedia Commons


Wonder Woman’s Walking Boots

It looks like the nerds were in a uproar for no reason. This is my shocked face —> ::notsomuch::. The Powers that Be, have fixed the color of her boots, making them red and chopping of the heel. This is so not surprising I almost didn’t post it. However, I do like her costume, and I figure if we all talk about it enough, and if most of us keep our fingers crossed, then maybe, just maybe this will be a decent t.v. show. ::Crossesfingers:: ::hopestodie:: ::sticksaneedleinmyeye:: WAIT, um no needles.