Television Review: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont. It is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The series stars Andrew Lincoln as sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma to find a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating zombies. He sets out to find his family and encounters many other survivors along the way. (Synopsis from Wikipedia)

the walking dead

Well, these zombies are no Hessius Man detective Chakz. They are flesh eating zombies, some in the shape of children. (Which was not a surprise fyi, that first bit was way predictable.) I’ve watched the first four episodes of The Walking Dead, and I’ve yet to be hooked. (Actually, by the time this posts, I may have seen a few more.) I know, I know, season three is this amazing epic season of television and if I can just get through it, I’ll be astounded by the writing and what happens. Awesome. I’m pushing through, but I’m also rolling my eyes a tad.

The eyes rolling bits include: drama because I slept with the person I wasn’t supposed to sleep with, a person is bitten but we don’t kill this person because he/she is one of us so lets go find a cure, and lets through an abusive husband into the mix so we can have all the feels. Though the vibrator bit was funny.

The reasons I’m sticking with it: strong characters with potential for interesting things to happen that aren’t predictable, Glenn (I know that people love Daryl because he’s so…. big strong handsome man, but I would expect nothing less from a McManus brother) because I love when the underdog (pizza delivery guy) is given the opportunity to make something of himself and he shines, and I’m glad I accidentally started watching season 2 episode 2 once, it has relieved some of my general anxiety. But then I’m the girl who reads the end of books before starting them, so that may not be a plus to other people.

*I know I’m behind the band wagon on this tv show, so feel free to post spoilers in the comments (but let’s be nice and mark them so).*

Enjoy some fan art

By semie from DeviantArt


Glen From Walking Dead Commisionby SonKiza


Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)by lerielos


Book Review: Dead Mann Walking

I recently borrowed Dead Mann Walking by Stefan Petrucha, a comic book writer who worked on The Walking Dead, from the library, and actually finished it. I know, what? More than the feat of actually finishing a book, because lately that has been a hard road to hoe, I actually enjoyed it as well. Bonus.

dead mann walking

Dead Mann Walking is the story of Hessius Mann a zombie detective. That is, he’s a zombie who used to be a cop and is now a detective for zombies and anyone else who will pay. At some point in the not too distant future, a way to eternal life emerges, a miracle, people can be brought back to life. Wrongful convictions don’t mean permanent death and those wrongly killed at the hands of the State are brought back to life, including Mann who was exonerated after being wrongfully convicted of his wife’s murder.

But then people realize that the dead brought back to life start to decompose after a time, they don’t feel pain like a liveblood and some of them even go feral. The new type of being is called Chakz and they don’t have the same rights as those with blood rushing through their veins. Mann lives and works in a condemned building, he cleans his wounds with bleach and super glues broken bones back together.

One day the Eggman (not his real name, it’s the name Mann comes up with to remember that he has a client) shows up at Mann’s door with a proposition, find a Chakz for him and the Eggman will give Mann a lot of money, but he needs the zombie detective on the case right away. Mann sets off to find the lost Chakz and discovers the case is more complicated than he first thought, which is a problem. Mann used to have a photographic memory, but since he has been brought back from the dead his brain is not as sharp as it used to be so he uses a recording device, that is, if he can remember where he put it.

It took me a bit to get into the book as I’m not the world’s biggest zombie genre lover, but once I got into the thick of things, the story really picked up and takes off faster than a half faced zombie’s feral run. Petrucha’s writing is excellent and his universe well plotted. Personally, I liked that the zombie apocalypse happens because of science. That depending on their emotional state the zombies have different states of being. It’s not just monsters eating people.

I also loved all the twists and turns the story took. I tried to figure things out before Mann since he has a bad memory and all. Unfortunately, as the narrator he also forgets to tell parts of the story, so while I figured out a few things, there were twists I didn’t figure out before they happened. Which I love! Mann does solve a mystery or two in this book, but there are a lot of questions left at the end which is why I practically ran to the library to get the second book in the series.

Nodds and Nends: Miniature Bag End, Firefly RPG, and a Ron Swanson Cake

The very best thing I have found on the internets recently is this miniature Bag End. I mean, it is just too awesome for words!

And if you are hungry, maybe skip this next paragraph, because cakes! Geeky cakes! First up, an Avengers cake via Pinterest. Also from Pinterest is this really awesome Ron Swanson cake. Awesome, because cake. But also awesome because Ron Swanson is an amazing character, and I love him. Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite comedy shows. And finally a Firefly cake from Pinterest. I’ll admit the people don’t look at all like the characters, but the ship looks like Serenity. . . ish.

Speaking of Firefly, an announcement has circled the internets that an official tabletop RPG is in the making.

Random concept art I’ve found includes a digital painting of Mary Poppins, street art of a colorful woman made of flowers and rainbows, and an illustration of Aurora as a zombie in Un-Sleeping Beauty (thanks for the tip Picture Me Reading!).

A wonderful comic of why females are frustrated when they have to “prove” they are geeky. Can’t we all just say nice shirt and only ogle the boobies from the corner of our eyes, like on 40 year old Virgin? Unless it’s the show Lost Girl. Anna Silk’s breasts are awesome and I can’t look away.

Peeps, you’ve probably all heard about this already, but I felt I needed to say a bit about the Kickstarter campaign of Veronica Mars. A movie is going to happen, because fans banded together, and the crew took a cut, and all the Veronic Mars nerds united to say, Hey we want this story told. And this is awesome. Because the best part of life (is not Folger’s in your cup, sorry) but telling stories that have to be told. Check out the Kickstarter campaign. Even though fully funded, you can get in on some extra goodies and help get this movie made. For $35 you get a t-shirt, behind the scenes scoop, and a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movies release. Sounds like a deal to me, especially at the high cost of movie tickets. I understand that some people are concerned about Kickstarter payees not being investors in the sense that they get a return on their money, but in the internet age I do think things will tend toward paying for what you want as you want it instead of a ton of cable shows you hate. And if  you want to get a digital version of a movie and a free t-shirt for $35, why is that a bad thing? And I also get, hey we raised all this money for a weird cause, why not raise money for a good cause. But people use their disposable income for entertainment, who is to say they don’t also give to charity? Personally, I think it is cool.

Finally, 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes. Somehow it all makes sense now.

Picture Me Reading Book Club Extra: Cool Takes on Monsters

Picture Me Reading

Guess what! I’m a guest over on Picture Me Reading today, where I join Alisa and Aidan during their Book Club Extra audio discussion. This week we discuss Cool Takes on Monsters. Vampires, werewolves, and zombies- Oh My!

I had so much fun collaborating with this awesome couple. I’m a huge fan of both Alisa’s Picture Me Reading blog where she draws illustrations of her book reviews and Aidan’s Chair With A Panda blog where he reviews about Doctor Who tie-in books and episodes. I hope you all head on over to Picture Me Reading Book Club Extra to hear about some cool books and monsters. Plus, this is the first time my voice is literally heard on the webs. So, eek! Be kind dear friends, I hab a cold.

If you want a list of our picks you can check them out after the break as well as links to full reviews of some of the books we talk about and some prior audio discussions on others. A lot of links, a lot of fun, you can now waste your whole morning here. 🙂

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Nodds & Nends: Fantasy Houses, Zombie Love Stories, and Nathan Fillion

Sometimes when I need a pick me up I go onto Pinterest and look at pretty places I will never see. Like this fantasy house. Puurrrty. This tree door is amazing, the door itself is so intricate let alone to have been so integrated to scenery around it, I’m in awe. Or how about this tree train tunnel, it is gorgeous! And this cabin in the woods is way less scary than Joss Wedon’s and has huge lovely windows.

The Mary Sue has a trailer on it for an upcoming movie, Warm Bodies a story about a zombie who falls in love and starts to heal himself. Honestly, when I write that out it sounds really hokey, but it actually looks like a good movie. Plus it has a decent cast of actors, including Nicholas Holt, I love that kid. Well, except for his sociopathic teenager character in Skins (UK), he’s just creepy there. Warm Bodies should be opening February 1, 2013.

Here is an awesome four paneled illustration of Nathan Fillion as his movie/geeky idols.

These smiling Disney Princesses are ones I have dubbed, barely clothed Disney Princesses. Enjoy.

By Ewen Roberts (Flickr: Smiling Princesses) via Wikimedia Commons at

Nodds & Nends: Catwoman, Zombie Jasmine, and a Velociraptor in Melbourne

A very sexy cat woman by Daniela Uhlig. [via]

Speaking of cats (ish), check out these illustrations of The Cat Avengers available on Etsy for your buying pleasure. I mean come on, the Avengers as cats, kind of amazing. [via]

Jasmine as a zombie? Yes, please. I love this illustration titled Tainted Love by leagueof1. Awesome! [via]

Haven returns in September, I am so super excited I’m bouncing up and down in my chair. I love that show! You can watch a teaser trailer here.

Want a TARDIS blanket to keep you warm this winter and maybe make you a little dizzy? (Honestly, I’m not sure I could crochet this blanket without getting vertigo.) Check out this TARDIS Wormhole blanket. Thanks to Michelle for the tip!

And Stephanie this one is for you, and why didn’t you tell me about this? A Velociraptor in Melbourne!!! This is awesome, I mean the person in the velociraptor suit has the movements down awesomely. Plus, I love the crowds reaction. (Note, this video is from two years ago.) [via io9]

Nodds & Nends: Red Riding Hood Retellings, Shadazzle, and Zombie Portraits

Some more nerdy odds and ends for you, my peeps.

Check out RIASS’ Red Riding Hood retellings book suggestions. Some of these look a little too fabulous to words. If I wasn’t at my max with the library holds I would be picking up a few of these myself. But I’m making a conscientious effort to get through a significant portion of my tbr pile before adding to it.

I received an email from the creator of the webseries Shadazzle.  He writes, “Just wanted to suggest my webseries for review on your website! Not sure if it counts as particularly nerdy, it’s a comedy-drama… But I’m a total nerd and I made it, so, y’know 🙂 ” Of course I had to check it out, and it is a quirky little (otherwise known as a quirkly- yes, I just accidentally wrote that instead) comedy drama about a couple who hires a maid to help with all the house cleaning as they make wedding preparations and sit on the couch reading magazines. While slightly amaturish and college production value, the characters are funny and it is always great to help out the nerds by checking out their productions. 😀

But the best find on the internets this week? ZOMBIE PORTRAITS!!! You can send this artist your picture and he will create a zombie portrait from it, and they are awesome.  (via Book Chick City)

Zombie Gnomes

This is totally awesome. I need to set up a garden in my apartment and then place zombie gnomes in them. [via]

I recommend going to Etsy and searching for Zombie Gnomes!

Nodds & Nends: Book Clock, Cute Kittens, and Zombiefied Characters

This book clock is just awesome.

And the obligatory cute kitten picture. You’re welcome.

Zombiefied characters


Baby Zombie Books

Check out these awesome felt books for babies. They are awesome! Thanks to Stephanie at Read in a Single Sitting.