30 Days of Thankful

mom and i 2

Day 1: Thankful for My Mom

Day 2: Thankful for Magic Everyday

Day 3: Thankful for Spam Mail

Day 4: Thankful for Rhianna, Baths, and Being Broken

Day 5: Thankful for Lists, Friends, and an Ending

Day 6: Thankful for Halloween Decorations

Day 7: Thankful for Fall

Day 8: Thankful for Blankey, Linus and Granny Ginrich

Day 9: Thankful for My Bed 

Author Unknown, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Author Unknown, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Day 10: Thankful for soap

Day 11: Thankful for Airplanes, Flying, and Dying

Day 12: Thankful for Adele, Fire to the Rain, and Yoga

Day 13: Thankful for Dancing

Day 14: Thankful for Quiet Moments

Day 15: Thankful for My Beautiful Car

Day 16: Thankful for Hugging

Day 17: Thankful for Macaroni and Cheese

Day 18: Thankful for People with a Cause

Day 19: Thankful for My Sister Megan

Day 20: Thankful for Evenings at the Park

Day 21: Thankful for My Job

Day 22: Thankful for New Homes

thanksgiving2Day 23: Thankful for Doctor Who

Day 24: Thankful for Vikings, Thanksgiving Day, and Family Pictures

Day 25: Thankful for Kitchen Cabinets, Friends (the TV show), and my Sister Melisa 

Day 26: Thankful for Laughter, Listening, and Lucas

Day 27: Sabrina and Silly Faces

Day 28: Books and the Ones I Loved in 2013

Day 29: My Best Friend Sara

Day 30: The Finish Line and Finding Love

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