Television Review: Fringe Friday: Worlds Apart

I know this is uber late, but honestly I got lost somewhere between “Lost in Transit” and “Worlds Apart”, which is not surprising given the titles of the two episodes. “Lost in Transit” was a leap forward in time and possibilities, the future held a daughter for Olivia and Peter and the return of William Bell, the big baddie. But “Worlds Apart” awakens in the same old same old fringe world, where two parallel universes are trying to decipher Dr. Jone’s evil plan. Say. What?

In “Worlds Apart” earthquakes are happening all over the world, at the same time. This does not occur in nature, so it must be a fringe event. Jones is of course behind the event, and the team discovers that he has been using the children Walter experimented on to cause the earthquakes. If the earthquakes continued, Walter hypothesized the two universes would merge together and then implode. Like that one episode where they all got stuck in a town and couldn’t leave. Walter debriefs the team and says he thinks Jones has a Noah’s Ark where he is keeping the creatures he wants to save from the implosion. Did I not say, that it was totally a Noah’s Ark vibe going on?! Because, I totally called that one. 

As with Good Nina and Bad Nina the team discovers that one of the cortexiphan participants in Our Universe (O.U.) is not part of Jones plan. They use Good Nick to track down Bad Nick and stop him from causing another earthquake, hoping they have broken the cycle. Not so much. So they interrogate Bad Nick. He believes the two universes are at war with each other, and he is really only helping. But Olivia breaks him down with her doe eyes and quiet voice and he agrees to give up Jones, who is off in an abandoned warehouse. YAH, Right. This is sooo not a set up. Nope, not at all. The team gets to the warehouse and lo Nick has betrayed them.

The worst case scenario is upon the group and the only way to save both universes is to cut off communication between the two universes and close the bridge down. Every one is saddened by this, and Lee decides to stay with the Alterntate Universe. Big surprise there, seeing as he is still trying to win over one of the Olivias. The bridge powers down and the people from the other side disappear from the screen. It is a sober moment.

This episode didn’t really seem to be much of anything. Other than yet another Doomsday Scenario, yet another betrayal, and then a sobering moment at the end. I guess I was really hoping that the future had become the now and we could see a post apoplectic universe on the screen every week. Oh well. 

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