Mash-up Monday

So when I was preparing this day’s postings I realized I had a lot of awesome mash-ups, so I’ve made today’s theme Mash-up Monday. Every posting has an awesome geek/nerdy theme mashed-up with another geek/nerdy theme.* I like all of my postings, um duh, but probably my favorite of today are the Doctor Who done to other shows opening credits, so watch out for that posting! I may or may not love this Mash-up Monday theme thing so much I use it again, we’ll see how it goes. And what kind of mash-ups I find from here on out.

*By this I mean something that I love, and may not necessarily fall under a nerdy theme, like the Disney Princesses. Though, I consider mash-ups very nerdy fan girl/boy love, so over all its extremely geeky to put two loves together and make something even more awesome. 😀

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