Miss America’s Geek Cred

Remember my rant on how geek girls take care of themselves and get discredited if they are hot? Well if not, you can read it here. I made comments on how guys get all mad they cant get the attractive geek girls, and I told them to start man grooming and exercising. Now, the USA’s most attractive woman (Miss USA) spoke out about her History Geekiness and the geek world is decidedly against her claiming cred…. just because she is attractive. I have two thoughts: 1) Go hide in a cave until you grow some human decency and only then are you allowed to enter the geek world again, you self righteous a-holes and 2) she said she was a HISTORY GEEK, which is sounds like she actually might be. And I’ve always thought that if someone was not really a geek it eventually comes out. Her twenty second bit more than captured what she is interested in, was informative, and said with a smile and poise in front of thousands of people. Do you think you could do that? BAH.

I read all of this over this past week and just kind of ignored people’s ignorance, not sure how to respond to bullying of someone who appears genuinely sweet and geek knowledgeable (if limited to history and fantasy of that time period). Then I read this lovely article by Jill Pantozzi (on the left) on Has Boobs, Reads Comics and I just want to thank her for her thoughtful piece on hot women and geek cred. You can read it here. It is discouraging to me that everyone has to hate on Miss USA, just because she is hot. It is also discouraging to me, that this only happens to hot women. I think that Ms. Pantozzi is right, coming out as a history geek to a bunch of people judging your body is not the most endearing thing, so I don’t think she is pandering. All the haters go back to bed and get up on the nice side once in a while.

Personally I give Alyssa Campanella a gold star for her geekiness and Jill Pantozzi a gold star for her thoughtful, well written, view of tolerance in the geek culture, especially when it comes to girl geek credit.

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