Television Review: Doctor Who Season 7 Cont.

Because I reviewed the first three, I decided to review the next two episodes of Doctor Who, “The Power of Three” and “The Angels Take Manhattan.” “The Power of Three” has no spoilers in the Synopsis or My Thoughts, however, “The Angels Take Manhattan” does. You have been warned. And because this is NOT a spoiler free review, feel free to post and talk spoilers in the comments section. Again, you have been warned. And if I couldn’t be any more clear.

Synopsis: One day  millions of black cubes arrive on Earth from nowhere. They do nothing, are nothing, acting as personal paper weights for the most part. The Doctor shows up all excited about the cubes, but as the hours pass and nothing happens he grows bored. He spends his time painting Amy and Rory’s fence, playing soccer, and sitting restless on the couch, the Doctor isn’t very good at waiting. Brian, Rory’s father, makes an appearance, he sits all day watching the cube and then records it at night and rewatches the video, because the Doctor told him to watch it, and so he does. And then one day the cubes all awaken, each one functioning slightly different, and with horrible consequences. Part of the episode focuses on Amy and Rory’s inability to continue to travel with the Doctor much longer, they come back from trips to expired milk, Rory wants to take on a full time position at the hospital, and Amy is worried every trip is just running away from life. At one point Rory yells at the Doctor,  “What you do isn’t all there is!”

My Thoughts: There was such a lack of subtlety in this episode from the name, to Amy’s opening monologue, to Brian’s intervention at the end. It wasn’t bad, but the hints were a little heavy handed. I thought there were some good moments, when Amy and the Doctor talked for example. They have such a wonderful relationship, and Amy has always been able to draw from the Doctor some of  his more intimate understandings of the galaxies in a way that is powerful but a quiet powerful. Which is perhaps why I love the 11th Doctor the most, now that I think on it. I fell 9 and 10 did a lot of yelling about their emotions and beliefs and 11 just has a quiet chat with Amy about it. Drama doesn’t have to come at a high volume. I enjoyed the mystery part of the episode and the Doctor was in fine form solving the Earth’s problem, even if he can’t quite seem to solve his relationship problems as easily. Amy and Rory have been traveling with the Doctor for ten  years (their time, not Earth’s time), and it remains to be seen how much longer they can continue to go on adventures with him.

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Synopsis: The Doctor is reading a 1930’s noir book about Manhattan as He, Rory, and Amy are sitting in the same city years later. The Doctor picked it up because he liked the cover. He’s been reading it out loud, which has annoyed Amy up until the moment he stops reading and then she wants him to continue. Rory gets up to go and get coffee and suddenly he’s in the book and River is picking him up in a car. So begins a great story of friendship, time traveling consequences, those moments that are set in stone verses the ones that can change, and River Song at her best. The book is written by Melody Melone who isn’t particularly fond of the cover since it’s basically just her bosom. (This is the subtlety I missed in the previous episode). Moffat sets a specific universe world building rule in place, if you see or hear something from the future it MUST happen, hence all of River’s, Spoilers! But this new rule is a little more harsh than River’s jaunty bit as we soon see as the story progresses.


My thoughts: This episode is hard to talk abut without some spoilers. But if you are reading about this episode before you have seen it, you deserve reading a few spoilers. Seriously. The mid-season finale of Doctor Who actually made me shed tears, and I do not cry for television or movies, like ever. So, that is saying something. This episode brings back the Weeping Angels in fine form, the cherubs are frightening and Lady Liberty as an Angel was an excellent idea. Rory’s death scene at the hospital, dying in a place the Angels put him to bleed off energy from him was so sad. But it showed, that just as Rory wanted to be with Older Amy, so Amy recognized and loved Older Rory. I thought that was a nice turn about for the couple. But of course that is not how Rory’s life really ends because he decides to create a paradox, dying twice on the same night by jumping off of a building. Surprisingly, or really not by this point in the season, Amy goes with him. It may have taken some time for Amy to understand that Rory wasn’t gay and liked her, it may have taken time for her to understand the Rory wasn’t ever going to leave her, not even for two thousand years, but in the end she went with him for always.

When they ended back up in the graveyard I was like, huh? I thought the Ponds were leaving for good. Because honestly, I’ve said for over a year now, that Amy’s only redemption as the Girl Who Waited and the Girl who was turned into a Pillsbury Dough Boy that popped, and the girl who lost her baby to time traveling paradoxes, was a grand and final ending on the show. And she got it, because she blinked, because she saw the ending before it happened, because she chose Rory. While I know that the Doctor will always love Amy, because she was the first face this face ever saw, he will find a new companion, he will perhaps have some more romantic encounters with the lovely River Song, he will continue to be the Doctor who shouted Geronimo, who had always wanted to say Allons-y, Alonso, and who explained to Rose that traveling with him would be the trip of a lifetime.

My favorite episode this season even though Amy and Rory have been my top favorite companions since Donna. I loved it, and was waiting for this episode all season long.

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9 thoughts on “Television Review: Doctor Who Season 7 Cont.

  1. I thought from the set-up that ‘The Power of Three’ could have been brilliant. But it had some tacked on ending and was rubbish down to the name, and the bringing everyone back to life minutes after death…

    I thought ‘Angels’ was the best of the series, but could have been a lot better for as soon as they got to the building it lost its complexity. I liked the interaction with the book. Would have liked to have seen it as a two-parter.

    And I can accurately sum up, in a line, what happened to everyone from Rose to Donna but the departure of Amy and Rory was a bit duff. He couldn’t go back and get them because… New York? I hear the city has good transport links meaning that the Ponds could surely have hightailed it to any other location even if the Doctor couldn’t have gone back there.

    Still that was the only episode that got me a bit excited after the Daleks and “I’m looking for reverse!”

    • The Power of Three was a little rushed at the ending, and a little too easily fixed, but it was still enjoyable. The Doctor bored was my favorite bit.

      I don’t quite get all the Never See the Ponds Again because they saw their gravestones and were in NYC too many times? either. But I did like that there was a finish line to the Ponds that was heart wrenching and sweet.

      • The Doctor couldn’t go back because it would be a double-paradox. They had already created a paradox in a quantumly/time unstable place, and going back to rescue Amy and Rory would potentially break apart the TARDIS, time, space, the whole universe, and all timey-wimey things.
        In other words, the double-paradox of Rory dying twice in one time and then going back to a time that no longer exists created a pocket of time now unreachable by The Doctor.
        Simple… or not.

      • Interesting. Nice explanation, it makes Doctor Who sense. If that makes sense. 🙂

  2. I was never really a fan of the Ponds, well not a fan of Amy at least, but they found a very classy way to send them off. Companions come and go, as they should, and they break the Doctor’s heart (…or hearts I suppose….); this time it was handled very well I thought.

    I enjoyed Angels Take Manhattan a lot, but maybe not for the same reasons others did. Yes it was a good story, cheese and all; the Statue of Liberty?! Come on! Did someone just see Ghostbusters 2? Alright, maybe that wasn’t that bad, I did chuckle the first time we saw it… What I really liked was that it was a strong story, some thrills & chills, a few of our newest favourite characters and monsters, the added atmosphere of a period piece set on foreign (non-England) soils, but it also left the series at a very strong point to relaunch. What didn’t I like? Well, that we now have to wait until Christmas for more Who!

    All you people who teared up! Bah! Humbug! 😉
    I only teared up when K-9 sacrificed himself in School Reunion…and maybe got misty a few other times that episode…..

    • I thought it was a fitting end to the Ponds and an excellent story to boot. I can’t wait for more of this season. 🙂

      I wasn’t balling my eyes out, but it was incredibly sweet and an inspired ending so it made me misty eyed for sure. And I’ve no shame in that. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on theswitz and commented:
    Morning all…well it will technically be morning by the time I finish typing and posting this…Perhaps that means it should be time for bed…Any-Who, read up and enjoy my other favourite “Who-Blogger’s” review of the rest of Season 7. Be warned, this one has SPOILERS…but since the episodes aired 2 weeks ago, and if you’re reading it, that should be of no consequence. If you haven’t seen them yet, well fix that as soon as you can….and don’t read. Absurdly Nerdly raises some great points and perspectives on the last two episodes but I wonder what she thinks of this devilish break until Christmas???????

  4. Great review! I have to say I have never cried so much in an episode as did that one. I really connected with those characters on so many levels and saying goodbye was heartbreaking! I hope I love the new companion as much and I am sure I will..but they have big shoes to fill!

    • I thought the Ponds were a great television couple and I did enjoy the day in the life of the Ponds episode before Angels. It made their ending bitter sweet. I didn’t so much cry as acknowledged the sweetness of the episode with a fear tears gathering in my eyes. 😉

      I’m looking forward to any new Doctor Who and have high hopes for more great future companions!

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