Nodds and Nends: It’s New Years Eve

I’m sitting here writing this post several weeks in advance, where yet to occur is both my birthday (I turn 30) and the apocalypse  So, if the internets don’t crash and this post goes to press (which is really just a saying, because the only thing I’m actually pressing are keys), woot! If not, oh well. I’m not sure how many people are actually going to read this, because lets face it most people are more worried about whether they can get out of work early tonight and head home to get dolled up for NYE parties. I’ll probably be working long hours, and that is fine with me. I’m just glad the world didn’t end the day after my birthday and I’ve been thirty for more than 24 hours. Or…. maybe not.

If you are like me, stuck in your cubicle today, in a quiet office where the printer is the object making the most noise, here are some lovely nerdy bits that may brighten up your day.

Shortpacked! by David Willis is one of my favorite webcomics. This particular posting of his I’ve termed, My Fair Lady: How It Should Have Ended. It made me cackle with joy.  I showed it to my best friend Sara, who was all, Wowza. . . .  But not in a good way. She’s supportive like that.

The Mary Sue had another posting on geeky skirts by Ashley Mertz. I’ve seen several of these before, but the Firefly one was new, so I thought I would share. 😀

How about Avenger Hundred Acre Woods for your awww moment of the day? I love these prints. Unfortunately, they are not for sale. Booo. Or should I say Poooh? 😉

Speaking of comic book characters, this Batman drawing is quite fabulous and detailed. The shading is excellent.

And this deviantArt artist has some great nerdy fan drawings, including one of Dean in his Impala. I ❤ so much. One of the few renditions of Jensen Ackles, that I think actually does a good job with his likeness.

For the big finally, this picture. I’m a big fan of street art, especially when it’s not gang taggings, but rather a huge astronaut. Glorious.

cc Solanas at fr.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons

cc Solanas at fr.wikipedia from Wikimedia Commons

6 thoughts on “Nodds and Nends: It’s New Years Eve

  1. I don’t know which was hardr to survive: the birthday or the apocalypse… I’m guessing both passed off fine. Have a good new year!

  2. Okay, so, this is me, from Dec 31st 2012, reaching back into the past to let you know that yes, the world did end. But don’t worry. The Magratheans built another one and we’re all pretty convinced the end-of-the-world was really just some bizarre mind-control experiment by the US government.

    So as Churchill would say, keep buggerin’ on 🙂

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