Nodds & Nends: HIMYM Mash-up, Dinner in the Sky, and Adam Levine

Star Wars How I Met Your Mother mash-up. I love mash-ups and this is a classic.

Remember the guy who made those Dinosaur heels I posted a while ago? Well he has created some R2D2 heels, and they are nearly as awesome. He has a tutorial, which again includes a welder, so that probably won’t be a project for me. [via]

Speaking of dinosaurs, check out this awesome Princess Peach to the rescue on a dinosaur shirt! Super bad ass. [via]

In Belgium you can have dinner in the sky. Yah, I could not do this. I have a great fear of heights, and even on Ferris wheels make people hold my hand. Which does not go over so well when you are in the deep south and the person riding the Ferris wheel with you is one of your girlfriends who whispers, If anyone sees us, I’m going to be super mad. To be fair, as we walked around the Fair we were stopped every ten minutes greeting somebody we knew, so it was highly likely someone who knew us would see us. I still love riding Ferris wheels because I think they are awesome, I just warn people beforehand now, I may have a panic attack you will probably have to hold my hand.

This WiiU song by Jimmy uses samples of the WiiU menus, Super Mario Bros. U, and noises made with the WiiU itself.

Adam Levine sings about YOLO. It’s not really nerdy. The man is just way hot.

If you missed the NASA Google+ Hangout out on Friday, you can watch it all on Youtube. I caught the last 30 minutes live, and it was awesome.

4 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: HIMYM Mash-up, Dinner in the Sky, and Adam Levine

  1. Whoa, I’d totally dine up there as long as the weather were fine. 🙂 I’ve dined at the top of a huge rotating tower in Kuala Lumpur (albeit indoors), which was pretty cool, although the food was terrible given the astronomical prices! We do have a tramcar restaurant here in Melbourne, but trams are famous for bring bumpy rides, so I’m not sure I’d try it!

    • I’m not a huge fan of heights, I think I would have to have an in depth explanation of how the thing was architecturally sound. LOL

      Eating while riding on a tram does not sound like an enjoyable way to have dinner.

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