Nodds & Nends: Le Cats, 3D Street Art, and Frost Flowers

Cats cast in Les Mis as Les Meowserables. Adorable. [via The Mary Sue]

Speaking of cats, I came across illustrator Jenny Parks version of Catniss. Ah hahahahaha. Hilarious and wonderful.

This 3D Street Art is just amazing. It is so amazing that a lot of the street art gets cordoned off to preserve it. I really like it when people interact with the art. It helps give depth and perspective to the pieces.

I shared this Piano Bookshelf with Stephanie a while ago, and she posted it on Twitter, but I wanted to throw it up here on the blog also for those of you who may not have seen this amazing repurposing of a grand piano.

Did you know the stems can blossom into Frost Flowers? Or that that can form into Ice Ribbons? I didn’t. I’ve seen icicles that where as big around as a small child and hung ten feet from the roof of our house, but these creations are even more amazing. Gorgeous. I want to see one in real life! Pictured below is an Ice Ribbon by flickr user Sherri Terris as crestedcrazy. [via The Bloggess]

cc flickr user crestedcrazy's

cc flickr user crestedcrazy

6 thoughts on “Nodds & Nends: Le Cats, 3D Street Art, and Frost Flowers

    • Me either. It is now my life’s goal to see one in real life. I need to go and visit my father in the spring. I have a feeling upstate New York would be my best bet in seeing them.

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