R2D2 in Mittens and Adorable Kid Costumes

These R2D2 mittens are awesome. Even though I hate mittens. I need my fingers to be able to move freely separate from each other. Especially when cab drivers nearly run me over while I’m crossing the street. . . . . Mittens just don’t work as well for some gestures  Still, I would maybe give up my finger pointing and let my fingers be imprisoned in these impressive mitts.

Even more adorable is this R2D2 sweater, hat, and tutu costume. What an adorable kid! Plus I love that blue tutu, I NEED IT!!!!

But this R2D2 truffle looks the yummiest of them all.

cc Ana Fuji via Wikimedia Commons

cc Ana Fuji via Wikimedia Commons

5 thoughts on “R2D2 in Mittens and Adorable Kid Costumes

  1. I kind-of want an R2D2 tutu now, but I don’t think that the kids in my life – or the parents of the kids in my life – would appreciate it. Not sure about the truffles, although that Ewok looks a work of art. Over here the bakery in Morrisons Supermarket have started making turtle bread: it’s a turtle bigger than your head with four bread roll legs and a bread roll head that has burnt eyes of something. I’ve seen a couple now reduced for 35p at the end of the day, but to cut it up would just seem cruel. I wouldn’t know where to start.

    • I’ve actually been looking for a blue tutu like that one, but tutus other than the colors pink and red are hard to come by.

      As to your turtle problem, may I suggest the animal cracker solution of chopping off the legs first, then the head, and then cracking into the shell. I know I would take perverse delight in that. 🙂

  2. They are rather adorable! Although I think Chewbacca mittens with some fake fur would be so much more awesome! haha.

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